We’ve been super busy in May, having launched numerous high-profile websites for clients old and new. However we’re especially proud of two websites in particular and they hold a special place in our hearts here at Terra Ferma Media because they’re just a hop, skip and a jump away from us in Wimbledon!

Thought to be the oldest recorded horse stables in England, Wimbledon Village Stables approached us looking for a new website to bring their business into the 21st century. Their out-dated, unresponsive and non mobile-friendly website needed a serious re-jig, and we were the ones for the job! With a lot of careful planning and working very closely with the client, we were able to create a beautiful new website for Wimbledon Village Stables which has, we quote, “changed [their] lives!”.

At the other end of the spectrum, we have Wimbledon Brewery. Whilst the original Wimbledon Brewery was tragically lost in a fire in 1889, a small team of local business men decided to bring the brewery and beer scene back to Wimbledon. Wimbledon Brewery needed a basis for their online presence and came to us to create their very first website. This website needed of a lot of customization in order to produce the website the brewery required.

Here’s what our happy clients have to say about us:

Carol Andrews, Wimbledon Village Stables

“Thank you all at Terra Ferma Media, we love our new website!”

Mark Gordon, Wimbledon Brewery

“The team at Terra Ferma Media fully understood our brief and delivered accordingly, it is a pleasure working with them and we all look forward to unveiling further website developments over the coming months.”