oops_signWe meet a lot of local businesses who are suddenly keen to use various elements of social media to win new customers. Many of them are already well followed on Twitter or have hundreds of friends on Facebook – on a personal level.

But thinking up a social media strategy for your business is a totally different ball game.

This brief and easy to read article by Social Media Examiner looks at three basic steps for you to consider first.

However these steps are just the very tip of the iceberg. The article doesn’t cover what we consider to be the three most vital first steps:

  1. Research –  what are your competitors currently doing social media wise? How do you find out? What’s good and bad about their efforts?
  2. Tone of voice and communication – how do you want your business to come across? Who do you really want to talk with? What conversations should you have? What shouldn’t you talk about?
  3. Ownership – who will be your social media voice? One person? Several? How do you reflect that? What are the benefits/pitfalls of either approach?

We’re currently discussing exactly these things with two very different businesses in South West London and hope to publish the outcomes as two case studies in the New Year.

We’ll keep you posted.