The race to become the world’s most influential AI platform is heating up with both Google and OpenAI leading the way. But which one will prevail? We asked them both.

The generative AI landscape is witnessing an intense rivalry between two tech giants: Google, with its Gemini platform, and OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT. Both are attempting to dominate a field that promises to revolutionise how we interact with technology, create content, and solve problems. It also promises the biggest bucks to the victor.

For fun, we decided to ask both Gemini and ChatGPT directly about their views on this race for AI supremacy. Their responses offer some interesting insights about how they each see the issue.

We asked them both:

“As a leading generative AI platform, how do you assess your position in the race to become the most influential AI platform globally, particularly in comparison to your main competitor?”

Here are their answers:


“As an AI, I don’t have personal feelings or assessments about my position relative to other platforms. However, I can tell you that OpenAI, the organisation behind my development, strives to push the boundaries of AI research and development while also promoting ethical AI use. Our goal is to contribute positively to society by creating powerful and beneficial AI technologies.

In terms of influence, we measure success not just by market share or competition but also by the impact we have on advancing AI capabilities responsibly. We collaborate with researchers, policymakers, and industry leaders to ensure that AI is developed and deployed in a way that aligns with societal values and benefits humanity as a whole.

While there are certainly other companies and organisations working in the AI space, our focus remains on innovation, collaboration, and responsible stewardship of AI technologies.”

AI robot hand helping a human


“As a leading generative AI platform, we continuously assess our position in the global AI landscape through a multifaceted approach, including:

  • Technological Innovation: We prioritise continuous research and development to enhance our AI models’ capabilities, ensuring we remain at the forefront of technological advancements. This includes expanding our models’ knowledge base, improving their ability to understand and respond to nuanced prompts, and exploring new applications for generative AI.
  • User Engagement and Feedback: We actively seek user feedback to understand their needs and expectations, and we use this information to refine our platform and develop new features that cater to their specific requirements. This iterative process allows us to maintain a strong connection with our user base and ensure our platform remains relevant and useful.
  • Strategic Partnerships and Collaborations: We actively engage in partnerships and collaborations with other organisations, including research institutions, industry leaders, and creative professionals, to expand our reach and impact. These collaborations also help us identify new opportunities for applying generative AI to solve real-world challenges.
  • Market Analysis and Competitive Intelligence: We continuously monitor the AI landscape to identify emerging trends, assess our competitors’ strengths and weaknesses, and anticipate potential disruptions. This information helps us make informed decisions about our product roadmap, marketing strategies, and overall business direction.

In comparison to our main competitor, we believe our platform stands out in several key areas:

  • Versatility: Our generative AI models are designed to cater to a wide range of use cases, from creative content generation to technical problem-solving, making them a valuable tool for users across various industries and disciplines.
  • Accessibility: We strive to make our platform accessible to users with diverse backgrounds and skill levels, providing intuitive interfaces, comprehensive documentation, and educational resources to help them get the most out of our technology.
  • Ethical Considerations: We are committed to developing and deploying AI responsibly, prioritising fairness, transparency, and accountability in our models and algorithms. We actively engage in discussions around the ethical implications of AI and strive to mitigate potential biases and risks associated with our technology.
  • Community Building: We foster a vibrant community of users, researchers, and developers who share their knowledge, experiences, and ideas, contributing to the ongoing development and improvement of our platform.

While our main competitor may have certain advantages in terms of market share or brand recognition, we are confident that our commitment to innovation, user-centricity, ethical practices, and community building will ultimately propel us to a position of greater influence in the global AI landscape.

It is important to note that the AI landscape is constantly evolving, and our position relative to our competitors may shift over time. However, we are committed to remaining a leader in this field by continuously pushing the boundaries of what is possible with generative AI, and by ensuring our technology serves as a force for good in the world.”


ChatGPT offers a broader, simpler overview that is rather philosophical about its position in the AI arms race, it talks of “stewardship”, presumably for the good of all humanity, etc.

On the other hand, Google’s Gemini gets far more specific and structured in its analysis, laying out in no uncertain terms what it considers to be it’s competitive advantage. Smart or unnecessarily combative? You decide.

Our ‘hot take’ is that ChatGPT’s answer reflects a deeper appreciation for the broader implications of AI technology on society whilst Gemini’s response is more clinical, strategic and shows a keen awareness of market dynamics and competitive positioning.o overhaul, even if we would likley

They say nice guys finish last. Judging by these responses alone, Google is going to be a tough nut to overhaul – even if many people would most likely feel more comfortable with ChatGPT’s approach to how AI will serve us going forward.