Very funny. Very true.


Latest stats show that Google Chrome continues to make huge inroads into the once seemingly unassailable lead that Microsoft’s Internet Explorer had in the world’s web browser market share.

And not before time we say! By specialising in building WordPress websites, we run tests on all types of web browser to ensure that everything we create works well however you look at it browser-wise. The one browser that is slowest and gives us the most compatibility issues – you’ve guessed it – good old Internet Explorer, bless ‘im.

Now, we’re not saying this is necessarily Microsoft’s fault, but it’s funny that all the other browsers seem to be able to cope with the demands put on them by WordPress.

Here at Terra Ferma Towers, our browser of choice is Google Chrome (we’re fully paid up members of the Android Freedom Fighters Army anyway). If you haven’t made the switch yet, you really should.

Just Google it and you’re away…